Great Games Built with HTML5

As you’ve probably noticed in the past few years since the initial unveiling of HTML5, the language has had a significant impact on Internet gaming. Once upon a time, we mostly saw browser-based video games using Flash in development. While there have been countless awesome Flash games produced over the years, we’ve seen a distinct movement toward HTML5 with developers. This is because HTML5 games can be efficient, playable, and really impressive all at once. That doesn’t delve into specific benefits like working directly in a browser without plug-ins, or compatibility across devices, but it gets to the basic idea: HTML5 is simply more dynamic and more modern.

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Green Key Brings Voice Box to the Browser, Launches Partner Program

You’d be hard-pressed to find a company that doesn’t want to expand its potential customer base, but there usually isn’t much a company can do to accomplish such a lofty goal. Not so with Green Key Technologies, creator of an award-winning voice workspace designed for financial market voice collaboration, because the company has just announced not one, but two initiatives that will help it expand its reach.
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Navori Labs Integrates HTML5 into its Digital Signage Software

The digital signage tech we see today empowers users to fully interact with their display to adjust content at any time. For the owners of the displays, it means they can deliver a flexible platform for marketers that want to change their campaigns on the fly. Navori Labs, a digital signage software publisher based in Lausanne, Switzerland, has simplified the process of interacting with digital displays by integrating HTML5 to its QL Manager solution.

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